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Everyone Misses

Inside Pool Magazine has some amazing footage of pool matches available on YouTube. The other day, I was watching one of their matches: Earl Strickland vs. Shane Van Boening playing 10-ball on a 10-foot table in Tunica, MS. What I saw almost caused me to spill my coffee. After Earl fouls, Shane takes his ball in hand and does this...

It's so easy to forget just how difficult of a game pool is. How does the best player in the world miss a ball-in-hand hanger in the side? He forgot to concentrate. Pool requires the utmost concentration on nearly every shot. When we get down on the ball and don't concentrate, crazy things happen. We miss shots that we wouldn't miss in 500 attempts normally.

This post is to give you hope. You or I could have missed this same shot before and so did SVB! We have something in common. Stay focused and concentrate on every shot!

Til next time, hit 'em pocket speed.

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