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How to Stop Your Rock

All you have to do is stop the cue and you're dead nuts out. So, what do you do? You accidentally draw the cue ball two inches and dead hook yourself. It's a mistake made all too often even by more experienced players. Why? It's because they are using the wrong type of shot to stop the ball. When people first start playing pool, they know nothing about pool. Perhaps they have a good eye and can pocket some balls, but they really are just like my youngest son who walked into Kindergarten this year with no idea what to do. Then, magic happens! They see someone hit a draw shot and that becomes the only thing that they focus on over the next month or so.

Once people learn to use the lower half of the cue ball and the sexy action that comes from it, they are mesmerized. They then begin using various amounts of low english and different speeds to control the cue ball from stopping on a dime to drawing back six feet. The problem: Using low english to stop a cue ball is a losing proposition. The proper shot for that situation is center ball. You stroke through the center of the cue ball, thus creating a scenario where the cue ball slides to its target. As it strikes the object ball, there is no back spin so there is no way your ball will come backwards. There is no top spin so there is no way your ball rolls forward. It stops on a dime. In fact, when you start in the center of the cue ball, you can even learn to put a hair of top on the cue ball to make the cue ball take one revolution forward to replace the object ball, a very powerful shot.

If you struggle with accidentally drawing your ball sometimes, practice hitting the center of the cue ball and making it slide to the object ball. You will be amazed at how much that will elevate your game. Hit 'em straight!

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