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One Thing That Can Ruin a Pool Live Stream

While pool is still not on television in the United States, there is comfort in knowing that nearly every night of the week you can watch live streams of pool matches throughout the country. These streams are of varying quality from really professional setups to somebody flipping on their smart phone to broadcast an impromptu challenge match. While technology has made these streams possible, and we are thankful, one thing often lacking is commentating. Even some of the top streamers have amazing video and audio quality, but it seems that finding quality commentators is their last priority.

Aside from the quality of the video, there is nothing more important than quality commentating. This makes the game more entertaining, and, even more importantly, it allows audiences that are not well-versed in pool to stick around longer. To get pool to the mainstream, we need commentators and good ones at that. For streamers, let the market dictate the compensation for commentators. Throw up a sticky comment asking the audience to donate to the commentators if they like what they hear. The good commentators will make the money and the poor ones will not. The next time you're listening to a live stream and you decide to turn the audio off because of poor quality commentating, you're remember this post.

Check out this commentating that I did on a match at K2 Productionz:

Photo: Legendary Commentator Billy Incardona interviewing Efren Reyes

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