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An Observation About Bank Shots

I don't claim to be a great banker. In fact, I often joke around that great bankers are people who probably don't play great position. I'm bitter, because there is nothing more sexy on a pool table than executing a great bank shot. So after watching a great scotch doubles match this week with four accomplished bankers in Phoenix (Chris Adams/Chris Lulek vs. Jack Scerca/Evans Bishop), I noticed something that I want to share.

Players can hit banks hard or hit banks soft and still execute. Obviously, the angle the ball comes off the rail will differ depending on the speed, but something I noticed is that when a player misses a bank, they often jerk the cue outside of their normal swing pattern. Check it out next time and you'll notice what I'm talking about. More times than not, when a player stays down and hits within their normal swing motion (hard or soft doesn't matter), they execute the shot. And this shouldn't be a surprise because we can say the same thing about a straight in shot as well.

The takeaway for me is that I'm going to stay down and swing the same way I would normally each time I bank now. Lets see if that helps me and let me know if it helps you!

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